Tell what good things God has done for you

Luke 8:39

Report on the Youth WorkCamp
held in Maysville June 22-28, 2014

The theme for the 2014 WorkCamp held in Maysville was “Putting Faith Before Fear”

For the last 2 years St. Lukes has been collecting $1.00 per head per month to help suport the venture, and the parish gathered to prepare Scriptural Treats – candy bars with Scriptural Quotes for the camp participants to read and enjoy during their work.

The organization, GroupCares is a subsidiary of Group Publications which is renowned in the world of church and vacation Bible School curriculum. GroupCares began in 1977 and has been in the business of Youth Mission Trip since then.

Maysville applied for and was approved as one of the host sites for June 22-28, 2014.

At Workcamps, 400+ teenagers come together to serve individuals and communities while building strong, long-lasting relationships with their friends and youth leaders. In six short days, hundreds of students from youth groups across the country repair and transform homes – and strengthen and transform their own faith.

One way their faith gets built is through daily challenges to do something they may not have done before: painting a house, using a chop saw or drill, or doing some other task that can make students feel a little uncomfortable and vulnerable – exactly where God can speak to them.

Maysville’s work as host for the WorkCamp was to:

  • provide facilities to house and feed the campers (done through the Mason County School system)
  • provide prayer support as the campers prepared to come to Maysville and then during work here
  • provide volunteer help to seek out and evaluate potential work projects
  • provide volunteers to act as “hosts” and to raise $19,000 that goes to purchase materials and supplies


Background note

Perhaps at first blush, the idea of a small community like Maysville raising $19,000 seemed daunting.

However, with the insight from the Holy Spirit and some basic arithmetic, it was determined that if those people in Maysville that attend worship services were to each donate one-dollar-a-month over the 18-month buildup period to this Christian Outreach Project (January 2013 – June 2014) – that is $18 a person, as a community, we would raise in excess of $19,000.

This would:

  • give each person attending church the opportunity to be a part of something in Maysville that would change the lives of over 400 teenagers from across America
  • help 50-60 of our Maysville/Mason County neighbors by improving their property and way of life
  • provide a platform for Christians of all denominations to gather, cooperate and realize the kind of community spirit that the Gospel is all about – reaching out with the love of Jesus to the least, and the lost and the last.

Where else is it possible in our midst to be able to preach the Word for 18 months, seeking a prize that builds up treasure in heaven, to pray and provide the gift of hope to someone who could otherwise never be able to accomplish this project and where the only possible repayment could be that of “thank you Jesus for sending these blessed people to help me.”