God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called

Mission and Sabbatical send-off

At the 11:00 Service on Sunday May 31, we had two special ceremonies.

  • Kristina Kassis was commissioned for her Mission to Nicaragua
    • I wanted to let you know about an exciting new annual mission that Covington Catholic Schools and Diocese started in 2010. It is a “working” mission in Nicaragua scheduled for June 6th – 13th 2015. On this mission we dig ditches, lay water lines, mix cement, and build block homes for the people who live there.
      It is a mission that I feel I am being called to go on by the Holy Spirit. If you would like to visit their website to learn more about what the mission does please go to http://amigosforchrist.org/
  • Sabbatical Blessing of Fr. Bob, Barbara & Andy Hudson at the start of Father Bob’s Sabbatical leave
    • Leader: On the seventh day God rested and celebrated all of creation. God surveyed all that He had made and said, “It is good.” God has given us,    His people, the Sabbath pattern as a time of renewal, a time to be reminded of Whose we are, and what we are called to do, a time of rest that refreshes us for life.
    • Leader to Fr. Bob: We work together in ministry here at St. Luke’s and have much to celebrate. We celebrate your encouragement, direction, and leadership in our work together as God’s people in this place. Of this ministry together we say with confidence, “It is good.” We send you now on this Sabbatical journey confident that God will bless your every step, refresh your spirit, renew your mind, strengthen your body, and return you to us empowered for our continued task of ministry in Maysville, and in the world.
    • Leader to the Congregation: During this time of Sabbatical, I ask you, the members of St. Luke’s; Will you pray for this community, Fr. Bob and his family? Will you carry out your commitment to serve this community in God’s name?
    • Congregation: Yes, we will with God’s help.
    • Leader to Fr. Bob: You have been given a gift of a sabbatical by this community. Will you pray for the members and ministry of this congregation? Will you use this time faithfully in ways that will renew and strengthen you as an undershepherd in God’s church?
    • Response: Yes, I will with God’s help.
    • Congregation: We will miss you, even as we faithfully carry out with joy and hope the ministry to which we are called. As you attend to your Sabbatical, please know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you, Fr. Bob, Barbara & Andy. Know that we support you in every way, that we walk with you on your journey, and that we look forward with joy to your return.
    • Leader: Fr. Bob, Barbara & Andy we pray you God’s blessings on your sabbatical.
    • Congregation:
      May the strength of God pilot you.
      May the power of God preserve you.
      May the wisdom of God instruct you.
      May the hand of God direct you.
      May the shield of God defend you & your family and bring you all safely back to this portion of His flock.
    • Leader: Go, now, with our blessing, and with the blessing of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Here are some photos taken during the service: