Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead

Bishop Elias Chakupewa

Maysville, 2013

Bishop Elias Chakupewa visited the U.S. on a five-week pilgrimage to participate in a Global Missions conference at Black Mountain, North Carolina, and to visit several of his clergy colleagues.

On Sunday April 14, he was preacher at St. Luke’s morning service, and in the afternoon he was guest speaker at the Maysville Christian Unity Celebration. His theme was “What Does God Require of Us?” based on his experience in the East African country of Tanzania.

He also spent an evening with members of St. Luke’s and prepared a meal for us of traditional Tanzanian foods.

These pictures were taken during his visit.

 St. Luke’s and Bishop Elias

St. Luke’s Maysville has supported Fr. Elias in several ways…

  • 2008 – Some stipendiary support
  • 2009 – Continued stipendiary support; support to purchase bicycles for use at the Tabora Bible School where he was Dean/President. Tuition support for two of his children.
  • 2010, 2011 – Continued stipendiary support.
  • 2012 – Stipendiary support increased to included Bishop Elias and his driver /mechanic Joel

In addition to ongoing support for the ministry of Bishop Elias, God has made it possible to provide prayer and financial support to other ministries in the Diocese of Tabora, including:

  • Dr. Ruth Hulser, medical missionary for England who operates a medical clinic that treats over 30,000 patients a year.
  • St. Peter’s secondary school with laboratory equipment.
  • St. John’s primary school that educates 250+ students, 5-1/2 days a week for predominantly Muslim families

In April 2011, Fr. Elias Chakupewa was selected to serve as the third Bishop for the Diocese of Tabora, The Anglican Church of Tanzania. The Diocese covers some 96,000 sq. km. in the arid, western portion of the Republic of Tanzania.

+Elias became the 2nd seminary classmate and housemate of Fr. Bob’s to be elected Bishop of the church.