Let us not grow weary of doing good

Gal 6:9

Maysville East End Initiative


Report dated April 2011

During the spring and fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010, under the leadership of the Maysville Police Department’s Sgt. Neal, in cool weather and hot, townsfolk gathered to share the task of cleaning up the streets of portions of the town – first working in the East End, hence the name, East End Initiative- and also reaching out to the west from there as well.

In these three events, ten parishioners, almost 60% of the members of St. Luke’s, joined with nearly 100 members of other Maysville area churches in walking their assigned streets picking up a good bit of the trash strewn around Maysville.

Participants at one time or another included Bob+, Barbara, and Andy Hudson, Bas Mattingly, Lou and Kaye Browning, Kevin, Kayla Ross, and Jim Moose, along with our friend, Lance LeForge, who sometimes worships with us.

Following the clean-up, the disposal of our trash bags and rubber gloves, most of us enjoyed hotdogs and soft drinks in fellowship celebrating our efforts.

There’s little doubt that St. Luke’s will again be represented in future such events, and others that call on the town’s citizens for the community’s benefit.

In Andy Hudson’s words we were “representing Jesus” while we worked.