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Robert Wendell Hudson Family Award

The Louis N. and Kathleen S. Browning Fund has established the Robert Wendell Hudson Family Award program.

 The information below is based in part on articles published in the Maysville Ledger Independent. 

The purpose of the award is to recognize truly exceptional, imaginative Christian initiative in making a humanitarian effort, over and above the frequent kindnesses that occur fairly regularly by individuals or organizations throughout the year.

Secondly, the award is being given to stimulate and encourage such initiative and efforts within the local five-county Kentucky  and two Ohio-county areas.

The award honors the Reverend Robert Wendell Hudson, BS, MBA, M.Div., Rector, St. Luke’s Anglican Church, International Diocese, Anglican Church in North America, and his family, of Maysville, and recognizes their outstanding Christian efforts and highly substantial impact on this community and elsewhere since their first involvement here.

Browning said the decision to name the award in honor of Rev. Bob Hudson, his wife, Barbara, and son, Andy, was an easy one. “Since the Hudsons moved to Maysville, when Father Bob became rector of St. Luke’s, the family has had a conspicuous impact on several segments of the community. That’s why Kaye and I wanted to name this award for the Hudson family.” Browning said.

Hudson said he feels “incredibly blessed” to be recognized in such a way.

“Just to think that doing what the Lord calls us to do, to be His light in the world, is possible in so many different ways,” Hudson said.

The Award

The Fund will pay $500 to the individual(s) or organization(s) that conceived and have carried out the effort.

In addition, it will pay the sum of $500 to the Limestone Ministerial Association and a sum of $200 to Fr. Bob’s Rector’s Discretionary Fund.

The Louis N. and Kathleen S. Browning Fund

“Our fund came into being because of the efforts of community members who were the backbone of our family business (the former Browning Manufacturing Co.),” Browning said. “From our first scholarship awards in the ‘50s and ‘60s, and our early support of schools, I have always felt the returns should be put back into the community. I felt our focus should be more on the community, our community without which we never would have had the family business or for people to have the opportunity to work and raise their families here.”

 Rev. David Sugarbaker is the recipient of the first Robert Wendell Hudson Family Award

Kaye Browning. third from the left, and Lou Browning, second from the right, present $500 checks to the Rev. Robert Hudson for the Limestone Ministerial Assocoation and to the Rev. David Sugarbaker for Camp Discovery. Others shown are, from the left Andy Hudson and Barbara Hudson, and on the right, Christopher Browning of the Browning Fund Board.

Award Photograph

David Sugarbaker is being honored for his dedication to Camp Discovery.

“I’m grateful on behalf of Camp Discovery and the kids we serve to have this recognition and this contribution,” said Sugarbaker, who has been coordinating the camp for 10 years. The eight-hour-a-day, five-day-a-week camp runs from  Tuesday or Wednesday after the last day of school through the Friday before school begins again in the fall. Sugarbaker said he most enjoys the children and the satisfaction of being able to care for them.

“It’s a great group, and I’ve become very attached to them,” Sugarbaker said. “I enjoy being able to make camp happen for them. We provide educational enrichment, field trips and crafts, but I think the main agenda is we get them breakfast, we get them lunch, and we get them a snack before they go home. And we keep them safe through the summer. “



Maysville Workcamp, sponsored by the Limestone Ministerial Association, receives the second Hudson Family award

On the left, Louis Browning hands the Hudson Family Award of $500 for the Maysville Workcamp to Shannon Frodge, Workcamp Planning Chair; on the right, Christopher Browning hands a Hudson Family Award of $500 for the Limestone Ministerial Association for its work locally to Pastor Marilyn Roades, Church of Christ in Christian Union, Maysville. In the center, the Hudson Family – Andy, Barbara, and Fr. Bob Hudson. Fr. Bob’s Rector’s Discretionary Fund received $200 for his ministries.

Award photo